About the Film

Performers with a physical disability have had a long history in the entertainment industry. However,
historically they have had limited employment opportunities and still do even today.

According to the Screen Actors Guild report, The Employment of Performers with Disabilities in the Entertainment
Industry in 2005, 20% of Americans are living with a physical disability, making persons with a physical disability
the largest minority in the United States. In sharp contrast, only 2% of roles on television portray a character with a
physical disability.

Pretty People aims to explore the truth about the relationship between performers with physical disabilities and
the media by conducting interviews with five actors with different physical disabilities as well as others working in
the film/television industry. The five actors profiled in this documentary are: Mark Povinelli, Marcus York,
Danny Murphy, Katy Sullivan and Diana Jordan.

It is the filmmaker’s hope that this will be a powerful, true story that will entertain and encourage the audience to view
people with physical disabilities in a new way.

© Arika Yanaka 2011