Diana Elizabeth Jordan

Diana Elizabeth Jordan is an actress and disability activist who began her acting career in her native Chicago
after graduating with a bachelors’ degree in Theater and Media Arts from the University of Kansas. She has
always been determined not to let her disability  limit her to ONLY being cast in disability”  She became the
first actress with a disability to obtain a  MFA  from California State University Long Beach (June 2001)  Diana
has worked extensively in theater and also has film and television credits.. She can also be seen as Maggie Charles
on the hit web series  The Hollywood Acting Class (thehollywoodactingclass.com)

A dedicated activist, committed to advocating for disability to be included in dialogues about multicultural diversity
and inclusion., Ms. Jordan currently serves on SAG’s National Performers with Disabilities Committee. She also
works as an acting coach at Performing Arts Studio West a performing arts training studio for adults with disabilities. 
Diana has been invited to speak at conferences and panels on issues concerning diversity and disability awareness.


Danny Murphy

Originally from Boston, Danny relocated to Los Angeles from Fort Lauderdale in 2000. He is most recognized
for his roles in a number of Farrelly Brothers films including “THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY”,“KINGPIN”,
SHALLOW HAL”, and “STUCK ON YOU”. Danny has a number of television and LA theatre credits as well. He is
very active with the Media Access Office (MAO) which helps performers with disabilities (PWD) break into the
acting industry and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CDRF). Danny has been a visible advocate
for people with disabilities for over 30 years and now sits as National Vice Chair on the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
Performers with Disabilities Committee. In addition, Danny is a co founder of the BLUE ZONE PRODUCTIONS theater
www.bluezoneproductions.com dedicated to the work of artists with disabilities and a founder of
, a website dedicated to inspiring people with disabilities to pursue the arts. See
for more info.

Mark Povinelli

Mark Povinelli has appeared in over 30 film/television shows, and 25 professional theater productions. For the
past four years, Mark has been touring the world as Torvald Helmer in the OBIE award winning production of
Mabou Mines’ DollHouse
. Other theater credits include the premiere of Belle Epoque at Lincoln Center as the
lead role of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. Mark also has worked regionally at the Shakepseare Theater, Children’s
Theater Company, Radio City Music Hall, Oklahoma Lyric Theater, Will Geer Theatricum and UCLA Live. Mark’s
camera credits include guest starring roles on Pushing Daisies, Charmed, Frasier, Dharma & Greg, and The Parkers.
Film credits include Epic Movie, Polar Express, Van Helsing, and Beer For My Horses.  Mark is currently filming
the title role in The Liliput, a true story about a Polish little person who survived the Holocaust by hiding in trash cans.

Katy Sullivan

Katy was born without legs and has worn prosthetic legs all of her life.  She was raised in Alabama and spent her early
years trying to be just like her siblings, flipping around in gymnastics and practicing three times a week with the local
swim team.  Sports became frustrating because it was hard for her to keep up with the other kids so she turned all of her
energy into becoming an actor.

Katy’s performing career has taken her all over the country. She has worked on stage in Chicago, in movies in New York,
on different television series in Los Angeles, and even had the opportunity to sing at the 1996 Olympic opening ceremonies
in Atlanta. She is best known for her role on NBC’s hit show, MY NAME IS EARL.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2004 brought Katy not only tremendous opportunity with acting but it also brought her to meet
Will Yule at Hanger Prosthetics.  She was built a pair of running legs from Hanger, and a new chapter in her life was created.

In her new carbon fiber sprinting legs, Katy began to compete at a higher level and started to excel in the competitive world of
physically challenged track and field.  After training for a year and a half, she met the National standard and became a member
of the US Paralympic Track team and competed in the 2007 Para Pan Am Games in Brazil. Competing at the Games made her
the first bilateral above knee amputee to compete Internationally in Track in the world. 

For information about Katy, please visit www.katysullivan.com

Marcus York

Marcus A. York has played Billy Merchant in a recurring role on NBC's The Office, has Guest-starred on
CSI: New York, and appeared in many other television programs.

He has traveled down a variety of paths. But none more fulfilling than the one he's currently on.
Born and raised
in the small, rural town of Arcanum, Ohio, seventy miles north of Cincinnati, he has pursued
every avenue that has piqued his interest.

Much of the motivation Marcus experienced stemmed from an almost fatal, life-changing auto accident, leaving
him a paraplegic. With a new lease on life, he attained a triple major in Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work from
Anderson University, Indiana, in four years. During his college years, at the urging of a friend, Marcus pursued the
avenues of acting and modeling. Having always had an interest in the television and film industry, videos led him to
commercials, which led to TV and film.

To sustain a balanced lifestyle, focused on mind, body, and spirit, the importance of staying fit with gym workouts
and twenty-six mile marathons falls between Marcus' faith and his furthered education. Giving back, he has volunteered
his services for  Spinal Cord Research Foundation (www.SciCure.org)
The Red Cross, The United Way, March Of Dimes,
acted as 
Chairman of The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of Darke County, Ohio, and was an Organ/Skin Tissue
Donor Recruiter, 
and volunteer for the Christopher Reeve Foundation Fundraiser.

His love of travel comes second only to his love and gratitude toward his family. Marcus' parents, brothers, and
grandparents have been a tremendous support and inspiration. They have helped in forming his confidence and
free spirit, which has resulted in a completely independent lifestyle. One that, regardless of the wheels he uses,
has taken him to Italy, France, Belgium, Monaco, more than forty of the American states, the Caribbean, Mexico,
Canada, and a stay in Puerto Rico for over a year. Marcus currently lives in Venice, CA and has appeared
in numerous film and TV productions. As an actor, he's attempting to open the minds of casting directors, and others
in Hollywood, to also see a wheelchair-user in real-life roles such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and such,
because...well, they are. Several casting directors have indicated that what sets York apart most is not a pair of wheels,
but his artistic ability. As a writer, his TV series ideas and feature film scripts are being considered by top Hollywood
production companies as of this printing.